Scientists deny the existence of seasonal affective disorders. I mean, like, what?

What can possibly be worse than the days that grow shorter, chilly evenings, and puffer jackets?

The only thing you feel like doing is lying in bed under the blanket, you’re even too lazy to go to the nearest supermarket. UberEATS surely experiences staggering growth in fall/winter.

We’ve made a list of remedies for beating the autumn blues, so come and see.

1. Taking up a new hobby

Learning tailoring and sewing, learning Spanish, getting started with pottery or taking a drawing class might help. Anything that requires at least light activity might help you escape from your daily routine.

2. Shooting the breeze

Try to make small talks with your colleagues in the workplace more often and don’t cut your friends off by saying “no” to them when they want to spend some time with you. Social isolation can make your sadness even worse. It’s better to find the strength to communicate with people at least a wee bit.

3. Getting a good night’s sleep

Everything will be fucking amazing if you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Sleeping half a day is a luxury. Sunlight is our friend.

4. A little massage never hurt nobody

After a nice massage, the feeling of flying doesn’t leave you for a long time. You get your muscles stretched, your stress is reduced, and the relaxation increases. You walk into the massage room feeling like a sack of potatoes and then get out of there feeling like a flying butterfly. Even despite the fact that sometimes the process is excruciating and almost always pricey.

5. Walking

Sometimes the weather is so dull that it’s no wonder that Dorothy and her pet dog Toto flew away to the magical Land of Oz. However, holing up at home isn’t an option either. A 20-minute walk significantly improves the mood.