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The 3 Best Ways to Psychologically Manipulate People

These tricks will help you get people to do what you want, and not what the self-preservation instinct and the voice in their head tell them.

How to Boost Your Creativity: David Bowie’s Brainstorming Technique

How did David Bowie manage to come up with such inimitable images, time and time again? In his creative process, the creator used an unusual brainstorming technique known as the “cut-up” method.

Quiz: Will you Have Depression This Fall?

Do you know anyone who has never gone through depression at least once? This even happens to celebrities (remember the stories about Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Selena Gomez). Take our quiz and find out if depression will knock at your door this fall.

Quiz: How Narcissistic Are You?

Our quiz will help determine the degree of your narcissism. Are you ready to help others and listen to them when they need you to? Or do you only think and care about yourself? Let’s find out!

Handy Tips: How Strange Behavior Enhances Creativity and Why You Shouldn’t Be Shy About Your Quirks

Some people are shy about their oddities and quirks, but in reality, these are simply character traits that can boost your creativity skills if you try to be yourself.

5 Ways to Become Smarter and 6 Reasons Why You’re Already Smarter Than Others

There are five simple ways to become smarter, and you’ll like them! No gruelling or tedious exercises – just pure fun. And also, in this article, you may find out why you are already way smarter than others.

The Little Things That Show That the Person Is Not For You

We have highlighted behavioral patterns that suggest that the person next to you is not the most appropriate one, and further communication with him/her can lead to a relationship that is called toxic.

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