Let’s imagine the following situation: you broke up with a person, you cut it loose, didn’t reciprocate and said your goodbyes. In a word, you’re no longer a match made in heaven. That’s life, it happens, nobody dies of that unless you’re in a soap opera.

While agonizing once again, your ex is talking shit about you or, best-case scenario, simply says that his heart is broken and that you’re such a biyatch. You’d think that acta est fabula, but your ex keeps giving you signs that your radars can pick up (the radars are you, your friends or anyone who’s in the loop). The ex may post tons of pics where he’s in the company of men and women (saying, “look, I’m hanging out!”); or you can hear intentionally and loudly told stories about what a Tyga your vis-a-vis is and how he crews the bitches and throws his money about.

Long story short, your ex is doing everything he can to make sure you’re aware of what’s happening in his life. All manipulators masterfully provide their victims with the needed information. Also while celebrating life your ex seizes the opportunity to throw stones at you with a note saying “eat shit and die, you monster”. After a while, you’ll feel the urgent need to ask for forgiveness and sincerely apologize (for heaven’s sake, for what?). Fuck no, though! Your heartfelt intentions are ignored.

What to do in a situation like this to stop feeling like the worst person in the world?

  • If your ex doesn’t want to forgive you despite living his full life where there’s no place for you, then it’s somehow lucrative for him. You’re Dr. Evil and he’s a victim soul. He still plays some role in your life while you’re having guilty conscience.
  • You feel yourself responsible for what you have tamed. That isn’t right, though. It is your ex who is responsible for his feelings and it’s him who choose to be a martyr.
  • Such manipulators should be freaking blacklisted everywhere because they’re morally crippled and try to cripple you as well.
  • Try to live with the fact that you’re a “villain”. If you colud’ve done otherwise, you would’ve.
  • Don’t even give a fuck about his “indulgence” just like he doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings.

It’s not in the least bit funny when someone wipes their ass with your sincere apologies plus being so dramatic and doing it for the show. You wanted to say goodbye and that’s OK. He doesn’t want to say goodbye and that’s OK either. You chose to leave and he chose not to forgive. Breathe out, let it go, and let loose.