On Black Friday, better go online shopping even if you have a physical store in your city. Go ahead and try on the things you like beforehand, and then put them in a shopping bag on the website.

Finding discounts on Black Friday is not that difficult because they will pretty much be on every site. Still, the real question is how not to buy the unnecessary stuff?

Make a List of What You Really Need

Abnormally low prices often lead to thoughtless and, as it turns out later, unnecessary purchases. Don’t waste your time and money on buying small things like socks. Try to be rational and make a list of products that you really need. There’s no point in purchasing an item just because it’s sold at a discount.

Create a Budget

In order not to spend all your money and lose your head over wild discounts, you should calculate your budget in advance. For instance, if you are going to go online shopping, just set a card limit for online purchases, this should stop you in time. This way, you will not spend too much when seeing promotional products.

Track the Deals in Advance

Make sure that the deal is lucrative indeed. Unscrupulous sellers sometimes increase the prices expecting the customers’ carelessness. Make screenshots of prices on desired products in advance, and then on Black Friday, check whether the goods are still at a discount.

Choose the Stores Carefully

Many chain stores will offer discounts on Black Friday 2019. It’s better to either shop in official brand chain stores or buy their products from authorized dealers. Don’t fall for big discounts from unverified brands.

Look for Benefits

Some stores provide some kind of bonuses. For example, free shipping of promotional items, additional coupon codes, cashback or bonuses for the following orders. With all this, you can make Black Friday even more profitable. Still, if you've been looking for a particular thing for a long time, do not put off this purchase in the hope of getting a huge discount.

Even if you buy a thing without a discount before Black Friday, you can get other bonuses. For instance, a week before Black Friday, many stores offer free delivery or 30% discounts, sometimes they even add small gifts to your orders.

Don’t be afraid that the chosen size may not suit you (if we are talking about clothes). Anything can be returned, sold or at least hemmed.