Black Friday

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Black Friday is a shopping day that follows Thanksgiving and is usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA. During this day, both online and physical stores offer significant discounts on various products and services. Moreover, a lot of shops open at the crack of dawn and close late at night to serve as many customers as possible. Commonly, a high volume of sales and revenue is generated during this shopping day.

American Results of the Black Friday Online Shopping Race. The Record-Setting $7.4 Billion Been Spent

How much money can Americans spend on shopping for one day? What were the top demanded goods?

EA and Ubisoft Black Friday 2019 Game Deals

If you didn’t have enough time this year to purchase some games, now is the time! Especially because you have the opportunity to buy games at very reasonable prices.

Pornhub Offers a Lifetime Subscription Deal – Only Available During Black Friday

In the run-up to Black Friday, Pornhub, a pornographic video sharing service, is offering a deal of a lifetime – a new subscription option called “LifePlan”.

Black Friday Online Shopping Tips

Why wait in lines and fight over clothes if you can simply order anything you need in the comfort of your own house?

The 11/11 Singles’ Day Against Black Friday

11/11 is a Global Shopping Day! Only today AliExpress offers its customers the best deals and special discounts.

Black Friday: A Really Good Deal or a Marketing Trick?

Black Friday is known for being the greatest event in the world of shopping as it offers various discounts and sales. But is it really a goof deal, though? And Why is it Black?

Black Friday Shopping with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not just and app with chats anymore, because now it's also a business platform. Now you can buy and sell products and services via WhatsApp.

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