Black Friday

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Black Friday is a shopping day that follows Thanksgiving and is usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the USA. During this day, both online and physical stores offer significant discounts on various products and services. Moreover, a lot of shops open at the crack of dawn and close late at night to serve as many customers as possible. Commonly, a high volume of sales and revenue is generated during this shopping day.

How to Protect Yourself From Online Shopping Scams During Sales

During seasonal sales, there is a peak in the activity of scammers. While buyers are thinking about how to buy a rare item with a crazy discount, the scammers are dreaming of the moment they get information about bank cards and withdraw money from them.

Black Friday: What to Buy at a Discount if You Feel Like Shopping

Today is finally Black Friday – the day of huge or, at least, just pleasant discounts. And if you have long wanted to buy chic lingerie or a game on Steam, now is about time to cheer yourself up with a purchase.

What Is Today? Black Friday

Of course, marketing is a delicate thing, but we decided to at least roughly assume what discounts the stores will be ready to offer this time.

How to Get Ready for Black Friday and Seasonal Sales

This year, Black Friday will be on November 27. In order not to wake up on Saturday with a bunch of unnecessary things and empty pockets, it's better to start getting ready now! In this article, we'll show you how to save money during the sales period.

How Black Friday Makes Us Spend All Our Money

There is nothing wrong with sales per se, but promotions like those on Black Friday not only turn customers into a pack of angry wolves, but they also work like a switch that in one click disables logic, self-control, and the ability to plan a personal budget.

The 8 Most Hilarious Black Friday Memes

Black Friday jokes are getting darker and more hopeless every year. And while you are just starting to prepare for sales and promotions and read our articles on how to save money wisely, we suggest taking a short meme break.

Singles' Day in China 2020: Tips for World Shopping Day

Singles' Day is a modern Chinese holiday dedicated to unmarried people. This day has become the main holiday of sales and discounts in the country and an analog of the American Black Friday.

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