Wondering what to read until the end of the year that has almost passed? Try Bill Gates’s choice and recommendations that he put in his annual list of books that are worth reading.

For example, at the end of 2018, his top included books on various subjects: from a practical guide on meditation to a deep dive into autonomous weapons. At the end of 2019, Gates's top consists of art, historical, and scientific books.

1. These Truths: A History of the United States, Jill Lepore

At the top of the list is a work that describes the whole history of the United States in 800 pages. Bill Gates assures, “It’s the most honest account of the American story I’ve ever read and one of the most beautifully written…” The book also takes into account some moments from history that have never been revealed by school teachers.

2. Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, Matthew Walker

The second one is a book written by a director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at UC Berkley. Bill Gates said that in Microsoft’s early days, he had insomnia caused by continuing consumption of caffeine. Back then, Gates believed that restful sleep was a form of laziness. However, it was Matthew Walker’s work that made Gates change his sleep habits. Moreover, the billionaire concluded that this book would be of help for everyone who cares about their health.

3. An American Marriage, Tayari Jones

According to Bill Gates, his daughter recommended him to read it, and it’s definitely a must-read. The novel tells us a story of a couple that lives in the Southern United States. Lovers are experiencing a marriage crisis and are faced with a problem of imprisonment. Gates emphasized that the plot of the book was fascinating despite the hard topic. The novel makes you feel empathy for the book’s characters and reflect upon complex issues.

4. Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life, Diane Tavenner

The fourth recommended book was a work by an educator Diane Tavenner. She is a co-founder and the CEO of Summit Public Schools, a leading network of public schools that operates 11 schools in California and Washington. Tavenner discusses raising children. She says that they don’t need only to be prepared for entering the university and passing their exams, but they also need to learn how to settle in and live a decent life. Gates believes that the book is suitable for parents who are looking for practical guides on proper parenting.

5. Growth, Vaclav Smil

The final book that you might want to read in the passing 2019 is the one by Vaclav Smil, one of Bill Gates’s most beloved authors. Even though Gates does not always agree with what Smil says in his book, the book did not disappoint the Microsoft founder. The book explores the idea of how humanity should coordinate future growth with preserving the planet.