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Guess Who's Back: The New Stranger Things Teaser “From Russia With Love" Is Now Out

It’s time to rejoice! The new season of "Stranger Things" is on its way. The new teaser surprised the fans of the series.

A New $20 “Bracelet of Silence” Jams Any Spying Microphones Nearby

A new invention in the form of a bracelet – a wearable microphone jammer – can drown out more than 99.5% of all existing recording devices.

Shakira’s Hype Tongue Became the Main Meme of the Month

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez shocked the audience of the Super Bowl with their vigorous dancing, a cosmic energy, and Shakira’s “naughty” tongue.

Facebook Will Pay Reuters to Fact-Check Deepfakes

Thomson Reuters and Facebook will finance the new direction — the Fact-Checking Network. The new department will electively analyze publications based on the general principles of modern journalism.

Keanu Reeves Went Down in History by Appearing in the Ukrainian History Textbook

Students of the 10th grade have found a Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves in their world history textbooks. The actor appears to be sitting among other people in the 1932 picture called “Lunch atop a Skyscraper.”

New Case Against Apple: BlueMail Accuses Apple of Stealing Ideas and Calls on Other Developers to Join

Apple has just recovered from a scandal with Caltech, and suddenly Blix also decided to profit from the company by suing it.

Google Photos Is Testing a New Paid Subscription Service Called "Monthly Photo Prints"

Google Photos is testing a new service. Now, Google will select your best photos and send you their printed versions. Photos can also be selected and edited manually. The subscription will cost $8 per month.