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USA is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean.

ByteDance Chooses Shutdown Over Sale for TikTok in the U.S. Amid Legal Challenges

According to sources familiar with the matter, ByteDance is not considering the sale of TikTok because the algorithms central to the app's operation are deemed integral to the company’s global strategy.

U.S. House Passes Bill That Could Ban TikTok Over National Security Concerns

This legislation, known as "Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act," aims to safeguard American citizens from apps influenced by adversarial nations.

Google Unveils a New Circle to Search Feature on Android

Google is changing the way we search on our smartphones with its latest innovation, Circle to Search. This intuitive feature allows users to perform searches without leaving their current app or screen.

Apple Vision Pro to Go on Sale in the US on February 2 for $3,499

Users will control the device with their voice, hands, and eyes. An all-new App Store will provide access to over a million apps from iOS and iPadOS ecosystems, along with new visionOS experiences.

The Xbox Series S Toaster Is Real and Available to Buy at Walmart

What sets this toaster apart is its ability to imprint the Xbox logo onto your toast, making it both a practical kitchen device and a stylish accessory for gaming enthusiasts.

Google Is Testing Its Medical AI Chatbot in US Hospitals

Google's representatives say that the technology has the potential to expand the applications of AI in healthcare tenfold, but they also express caution about its current readiness for integration into personal healthcare journeys.

NASA Announces the Names of Astronauts Who Will Fly to the Moon on Artemis II Mission

NASA and the Canadian Space Agency announced the names of four astronauts who will orbit the Moon as part of the upcoming historic Artemis II mission. They will be the first people to fly to the Moon in more than 50 years.

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