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Apple Launched Coronavirus Screening Website and App

The COVID-19 website offers users to answer questions regarding symptoms, recent travel, and contact with other individuals who may have been exposed to the virus.

Weekly Fun: Toilet Paper Poker, Home Treadmill DIY, Covidiots, and Dogs Working from Home

In this Weekly Fun, we’ll tell you about how dogs work from home, an unusual compliment of a chef from Minnesota, and a robotic mouth that reads prayers.

The Southern District Court of New York Granted the SEC Request Against TON

Telegram will most likely lose the case in court, and Durov's company will be obliged not only to return the money but also to pay a fine. The final verdict will be issued on April 30.

Google Launches an Educational Website About the Novel Coronavirus

Google unveiled an educational coronavirus website along with enhancing Search options for those seeking information about the novel coronavirus.

Don’t Panic: There’s Good News Regarding Coronavirus, Too

Having to stay at home all the time can make some people depressed and devastated, but we’ve prepared some pieces of good news regarding coronavirus to make you feel better.

TikTok Moderators Were Told to Not to Promote Videos by Poor Users or Those With “Ugly Facial Looks,” According to Leaked Policies

TikTok told its moderators to suppress videos made by users who were deemed poor, ugly, disabled, or obese because this would help attract new users to the social platform.

Tech Digest: Coronavirus-Related Issues and TikTok Banning

You’ll be surprised, but the lack of digital privacy is actually good amid the coronavirus outbreak. The United States Wants to ban TikTok, and China declares war on negativity.