What is this article about? It’s our response to women’s training in manipulating men. We found “bugs” in women’s thinking that one can use for conquering and enticing ladies (for your common good!).

Functional Fixedness

This phenomenon was discovered by Karl Duncker. In essence, it’s a cognitive bias that forbids people using an object in other ways, but the one that people always use in an identical situation.

How Can This Be of Use for Us?
A prime example of this phenomenon is a friend zone. If you’ve already become a poker buddy, the object of your desire is highly unlikely to see a man in you. But there’s a way out of this situation! There’s no point in wasting your resources on trying to get to the major league and leave a friend zone. It’s much more effective to switch to another functional fixedness, in which you’ll have power over the woman. For instance, you can become a poker coach/teacher/mentor. After all, the dominance-and-submission kind of relationship is much closer to what is happening in the bedroom than just being a game buddy.

The Illusion of “Expanding Space”

A room full of various details always seems much bigger and more “extended” than an empty one. That is why houses with sculptural facades seem much larger than they actually are.

How Can This Be of Use for Us?
This illusion is skillfully used by stylists. If you want certain areas to look slightly larger, wear fine print clothing. This illusion also works in psychology – the more details, prints, and patterns you have in your life, the more significant it looks. Fill your life with JavaScript workshops, rafting, or steak cooking courses, and in the eye of your beloved one, you will look much more attractive than a Nobel laureate with his nerdy theories.

The Effect of Being Acquainted With an Object

This phenomenon describes a situation in which unreasonable sympathy for an object arises from an imaginary acquaintance with the object.

How Can This Be of Use for Us?
A girl doesn’t want to be approached by you in the street, not because you look like one of those dudes from “Wanted by the police” posters, but because she doesn’t know you well. Yes, it may seem like a paradox, but it totally makes sense to her. For example, she will quickly go for a walk in the woods and enjoy the Moon with a person who hosts a morning radio program that she listens to on her way to work every day. She listens to his voice every morning, so it’s familiar to her. It’s that easy.

This is a massive advantage of being famous – it seems to everyone that they are familiar with you, and it creates an illusion of safety. Therefore, we advise you to become a blogger or a chairman of the committee of agriculture or something like that. Getting to know people will surely become easier.

Intermittent Reinforcement

Unpredictable, unexpected pleasure always causes more emotions than that, which is stable and planned. It is always more pleasant to receive a bonus unexpectedly than to wait for an annual bonus all year long.

How Can This Be of Use for Us?
The hot-cold-hot strategy, or as they say come-closer-go-away strategy, is widely loved by women, and it’s a perfect example of intermittent reinforcement. One minute she wants to spend 24/7 with you, and then the next minute, she doesn’t reply to your messages for weeks. It puts you on an emotional hook but ruins the relationship with nervousness. It is much more correct to alternate pleasant stuff of various kinds: one day, you give her a pink inflatable boat, and the next day you go down the river in it.

The Zeigarnik effect

An interrupted activity is remembered better than the finished one. But despite this, you manically want to finish it.

How Can This Be of Use for Us?
Never ever let your date reach a point when the sun is about to rise, and the lady puts matches in her eyes because she’s almost falling asleep. The best way to make a favorable impression is to make the date rich with events, but also disappear into the sunset in time. It will take a while for the girl to realize that she’s writing you the tenth message in the last hour with a proposal to spend one more evening together.