1. Meghan Was a Rebel and Feminist Since She Was a Kid

One can evaluate Markle’s actions as if she did everything out of spite towards her new relatives.

  • She used swear words.
  • She went out in public wearing attire that the head of the British Royal Family did not recommend.
  • She didn’t step out to the press right after giving birth, as Kate Middleton did.

2. Meghan’s Childhood Nickname Didn’t Help Her Settle in

Megan got her cute nickname “Flower” from her mom Doria Radlan. After marrying the prince, Meghan never adapted to life as a royal person. Staying in England and in the palace seem to have affected her psyche.

3. The Couple’s Kids Won’t Receive Royal Titles

Meghan and Harry’s child Archie will not become a prince since such a title can only be inherited by the children of Queen Elizabeth II. This is what the law adapted back in 1917 says. However, if there’s the Queen’s special will, Archie will receive the title of prince.

4. Meghan and Harry Have a Never-Ending Fight Against the Media

Prince Harry is ready to sue the media because of attacks on his spouse. The press had a lot of problems with Meghan Markle: they were not satisfied with her ignoble descent, her status of a divorced woman (in 2011, she married producer Trevor Engelson after 7 years of relationship and divorced him after 2 years), her age (she is three years older than Harry), and her skin color (her mom is African-American, and her dad is Dutch-Irish).

5. The Couple Lives Under Other Names All Their Lives

The full name of the prince is Henry Charles Albert David, and his spouse’s first name written on the official document is Rachel. Here psychologists and astrologers can unanimously say that all the changes happening now represent the desire of a loving prince to choose a comfortable shoe for the gladness and happiness of his princess.

6. Meghan’s Father Disowned Her

The illness of Meghan’s father didn’t affect his desire to appear in court against his daughter. Difficulties and a complete refusal to communicate with her father occurred right after her wedding with the prince.

7. After Giving up Royal Titles, Harry and Megan Will Not Be Left with Their Usual Names

The married couple will be called Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex instead of “The Duke and The Duchess of Sussex.”

8. The Couple has a Million-worth Debt to the Kingdom

The couple will have to return about three million dollars spent on the renovation of the home that will remain at their disposal. Also, Queen Elizabeth II demanded to return all the gifted royal jewelry.

9. Modest Background Does Not Mean No Rich Experience

At school, Meghan Markle attended calligraphy classes and even worked as a calligrapher at Dolce & Gabbana. She has the experience of working as a model in the American show called Deal or No Deal. Also, she created her own clothing line.

10. The Prince Can Be Left with No Security

Despite the renouncing of the title, Harry is not a commoner and will never be able to live an ordinary, quiet life, no matter how much Meghan and he would want it. But the question is: “Who will pay for their security now?” Usually, members of the Royal Family are guarded by the British police.

11. The Prince’s Parties Always Ended with Scandalous Newspapers Headlines

The British press considers Harry a scandalous boy. His mental and emotional state was worsened by the loss of his loved one, marijuana, girls, and alcohol. Once Harry even came to one of the parties wearing a military uniform with a Nazi swastika on his sleeve.

12. Harry and Meghan Are Very Distant Relatives

After conducting a series of studies, Gary Boyd Roberts was able to prove that Meghan’s father is an immediate heir to Edward III of England. Thus, Prince Harry and Meghan are relatives in the 17th generation.

13. The Famous Couple Remained on Friendly Terms with the Kingdom

The relationship between brothers and their spouses did not change after Harry and Meghan officially had left the Royal Foundation that William and Harry started. And in general, who would know Kate without Prince William? Meghan, on the contrary, is a recognizable person. She had more than a million followers on Instagram long before everyone had found out about her royal romance.

14. Meghan Was a Black Sheep in a Black Outfit in the Palace

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle did not take part in a meeting of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry in the Sandringham House. It should be noted that they are called simply Harry and Meghan and not the Dukes in the text. Perhaps it’s all about the black outfits that Meghan sometimes wore in public while knowing that black is worn in the palace only on mourning days.

15. The Couple Left the Palace to Live Independently

Former King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson caused a scandal the scale of which neither the divorce of the Prince and the Princess of Wales Diana and Charles nor Charles’s romance with Camilla Parker Bowles nor even the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret could surpass. Neither parenting nor royal blood stopped the princess from having an affair with Captain Townsend, adultery with a gardener, and marriage with a photographer. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle issued a no less shocking statement to renounce the title. They also announced their intention to live separately and earn their own money.