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Handy Tips: Is Soup Good for You?

Is eating soup good for you? Internet is replete with conflicting expert opinions on this matter. Who should you believe? Only us.

What Is Today? International Writers' Day

On this day, writers gather to discuss trends in modern literature, reward the most talented authors, listen to new poems and excerpts from their colleagues' novels.

What Is Today? World Compliment Day

You don't need a reason to say nice things to others, do you? But, apparently, someone nevertheless decided to come up with an official date for saying pleasant words to someone you would be hesitant to say them to on an ordinary day.

What Is the Value of Market Research?

Market research prepares a company for the terrain ahead and is essential for understanding customers, competitors, and the market. Market research costs are essential to consider, but its value often transcends the price tag.

What Is Today? National Margarita Day

It is known that at the beginning of the twentieth century, bartenders did not mix it yet, and in the mid-30s, it was already quite a regular in the US bars.

The Weirdest Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Unusual questions assess candidates' mental abilities and their ability to respond to unexpected circumstances. Here are some examples of such questions from real job interviews.

8 Signs You Are a Compulsive Liar

There is such thing as compulsive lying. If you are a compulsive liar, lying becomes your daily habit. In this article, we will tell you about eight signs that may indicate compulsive lying.

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