If you had a dream about a zebrelephant with Taylor Swift’s head, do not rush to run to the psychiatrist and look for hidden meaning. But if you dream about the same thing for five nights in a row, take it as a signal that your subconscious is hinting you at something.

1. You’re flying on a crop duster to Acapulco for permanent residency, and your ex-girlfriend is running after you, clinging to the wing of your plane with her teeth, and squeaking that she cannot let you go
You are the main director and screenwriter of this story, and all the characters in this blockbuster represent you and your worries. Therefore, if you have recurring dreams about a person from your environment, like your ex-girlfriend or ex-friend, it can only mean one thing – you have unfinished business, or as psychologists say – gestalt.

2. You are in a job interview with Pavel Durov and then suddenly realize that you are wearing checkered boxer shorts, flip-flops, and pineapple socks
It was empirically proven that dreams that are connected with humiliation and shame indicate increased anxiety and perfectionism. Therefore, you need to rethink the way you perceive the world and stop worrying over trifles, or otherwise, the plot of your dreams will look exactly the same as in the next paragraph.

3. Chucky, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees ran out of your dream, nervously puffing a cigarette on their way to a safe place
This dream is a signal that you need to rest as soon as possible because your brain cannot cope with your inner feelings and fears. There are so many of them that it processes them randomly. You obviously have an emotional overwhelm, so we recommend you to do something with it, or otherwise, it will all lead to anxiety disorders.

4. Donald Trump sat on your chest and is gently nibbling on your ear
There’s one simple “sleepy” rule: all the images in your dreams are metaphorical, but all the sensations in your dreams should be taken literally. Your internal organs can signal a failure through sleep. For instance, heaviness in the chest, shortness of breath may indicate a problem with your heart.

5. You are falling sharply as if you stumbled or fell off the last step
Often, this dream occurs right after falling asleep. It is apparent that you are dead tired, and your brain falls asleep before your body does. This is accompanied by cramping and twitching. There’s no need to worry, though, you will wake up and soon fall asleep again.