Who would have thought that you really can learn the secrets of seduction from the birds! Learn these 6 simple tricks, and all the chicks in the neighborhood will be yours.

1. Keep up with her

You can learn a lot form West American birds with a slightly frightening name, “the Grebes.” These birds have one of the most fascinating mating rituals in the animal kingdom. At first, a couple of grebes simply floats side by side. But then suddenly, as if on some kind of cue that only grebes understand, the birds simultaneously stand up vertically above the water, spread their wings back, bend their necks, and make a synchronized race of about 20 meters.

The point is: if you suddenly found out that the girl you are interested in is going to attend a particluar event, your main task is to be in that place at the same hour. If, for example, she was going to take part in a kayak race, you should be in the same boat with her. And then you will definitely charm her.

2. Be dramatic

Male Victoria’s riflebirds are not afraid to be ridiculous. At the sight of the chick that he is interested in, he spreads his spectacular black wings and screams in such a piercing and dramatic way that the female doesn’t really have anything to add.

The point is: tell heroic stories about your complicated life, listing all the deadly operations you have ever taken part in. The next thing you know, you will create a good impression. And if you end up in a long-term relationship and it turns out that the hellish obstacles you had to overcome were not an off-road in the woods but a path to the store when you were drunk, just admit that you wanted to impress her. You’ll see, the girl will forgive you.

3. Be persistent

The male of the greater lophorinas aggressively expresses his feelings towards the chicks. He transforms his velvety-black plumage into a mask and relentlessly chases the female. “Girl, let me take you home! I will do this anyway! No, no, I insist!” says this bird with all his appearance. He chases her until she says with a sigh, “Well then, come on. But be quick.”

The point is: feel the line between decisiveness and manic inclinations, and you will be happy.

4. Get acquainted with others in a company

Flamingos prefer to do everything together. Therefore, their mating dances look like this: males and females gather in a pink and white heap and move in small steps, actively turning their beaks left and right in search of a partner they like.

The point is: have a proper strategy. Chicks feel much calmer when their girlfriends are nearby. And in general, getting to know people in the company is more fun.

5. Learn a few spectacular tricks

Red-capped manakins (Pipra mentalis) are the kings of parties! What is more, Michael Jackson himself learned his moonwalk from the males of these birds! Precise movements of red-capped manakins can make any female think, “God, what a pipra! I want an egg from him!”

The point is: you too can do this, and you don’t even have to learn to moonwalk. It’s enough to master a couple of simple tricks. You can practice with thimbles or cards. It will be hard not to notice you.

6. Contrast is the key

Greater sage-grouses live in flocks separated by gender. When males and females finally meet, males do their best (it’s like a military homecoming!). The mating dances of greater sage-grouses begin in the morning at dawn to impress the female that has just woke up as much as possible. The males inflate the air sacs on their chest so that the chest becomes huge, and then they are drained drastically.

The point is: throughout the evening, pay close attention to the girl you like, make stupid jokes, and behave as if you were already hers. And when you meet the next time, be nice to her but keep distance. You’ll see, such a contrast fascinates the chicks. That is, girls.