The stress caused by the events of 2020 has affected everyone. At such moments, you want to quickly find a source of support and find the strength to live in new conditions. We have selected 4 podcasts that will help you be more attentive to yourself, find support, and finally love yourself.

1. She’s All Fat

She’s All Fat is an excellent body-positivity project dedicated to people whose weight and appearance do not fit into the standards accepted by popular culture. The latest episodes of the podcast are about social distancing and how self-isolation affects overweight people. But they also cover other important topics, for example: how weight was perceived in different cultures, how the wedding industry is related to the concept of weight and fat-shaming in the academic environment. In short, these podcasts have everything you need to look differently at your own body and love it.

2. Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations podcast doesn't seem to be anything new. These are just fascinating interviews with different celebrities, from Dwayne Johnson to Michelle Obama. And yet, due to the unique Oprah’s manner, conversations turn out to be especially difficult, sincere, and captivating.

3. Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy Hour · #496 Best Of - Kristine Keese

Comedian Paul Gilmartin hosts a podcast on mental health. This is a rather important and difficult topic for Gilmartin – he managed to overcome alcohol addiction and prolonged depression. The heroes of the show – representatives of various creative professions – talk about life with different psychiatric disorders, addictions and traumas, and gender identity problems. In addition, psychotherapists participate in Mental Illness Happy Hour. The latter talk about their practice and share pieces of advice with listeners.

4. Everything Happens with Kate Bowler

When the host of this podcast was 35, Kate Bowler was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage IV cancer. She then wrote the book Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I've Loved about her experience. She explores human challenges and troubles in the podcast Everything Happens, in which she asks guests about how they get through difficult moments and what they learn from their experience.

Kate’s guests’ stories are no less complicated than her own. For example, one of the heroines, a nun, corresponded with a convict sentenced to imprisonment, and then accompanied him to execution. The way Kate's guests talk about challenges and experiences will help you understand something new about yourself and find strength.