In Handy Tips, we find ways to improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you how the 7-minute rule will help you do the stuff which always seems too boring to get over with.

A modern person's daily routine is scheduled by the minute, so you don't even get 8 recommended hours for sleep left. The only solution is to learn to live in a way so as not to forget about yourself. 7 minutes is an ideal length of time for which you can do almost everything, and now we will prove it to you.

It is generally accepted that the perfect text on the Internet is the one that can be read in 7 minutes. And blogger and webinar man Jason Fladlien even invented a way to write an article in 7 minutes: it takes 30 seconds to delve into the topic, 2-4 minutes for the main parts, 30 seconds for the conclusion, and the remaining 2-4 minutes for proofreading and preparation for publication.

Thus, you can spend 7 minutes a day on something that you are not particularly passionate and enthusiastic about. For example: 7 minutes of cleaning a day, 7 minutes of revising the report, 7 minutes of personal care or communication with distant relatives. Apart from that, a number of studies have shown that 7 minutes is enough for an ideal workout – the main thing is that it is intense. You should spend 30 seconds on each exercise and 10 seconds on rest between them. This is an easy way to develop healthy habits and begin to maintain a minimum of discipline.

How to Spend Time Productively in Self-Quarantine
We will tell you what to do at home in quarantine so as not to go insane out of boredom. We’ve prepared a variety of options, and you will definitely find one to your taste.

Number 7 is both heavenly and hellish: 7 deadly sins and days of the week, and since God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day, it means that idleness has been included in the number 7 since the creation of the world.