It is essential not to forget to take a break from work and even from communicating on social media, even during self-isolation. We have compiled a selection of the 20 best addictive websites that are bound to amuse you, amaze you, or get you into a meditative state. Check out these inspiring and entertaining websites, and don’t be afraid to waste your day away on them.

1. Weavesilk

Draw anything using textures or write a funny caption and share it with a friend.

2. Live Plasma

You can specify your music preferences on this website and get the perfect customized selection of movies and music, especially for you.

3. A Soft Murmur

Here you can adjust a variety of sound effects like a DJ and relax to them.

4. Adult Swim Choir

You need to pull the cartoon lips down to hear the cartoon choir singing.

5. Code Pen

Here you can play god randomly place gravity points and watch the movement of small comets.

6. Find the Invisible Cow

You can play tracker and, according to the hot and cold principle, find a mooing cow on the web page.

7. Radiooooo

Select a country and date and listen to music that was popular there at that time.

8. This Is Sand

Draw any pictures with sand.

9. Solar System Scope

This one is a stunning simulator of space and starry night.

10. Keiwan

On this website, you can create artificial intelligence and teach it to walk, run, jump, and, in general, evolve.

11. Little Alchemy

Mix air, water, earth, and fire, and get dinosaurs and spaceships.

12. Pointer Pointer

Click anywhere on the screen and get a photo of the person who points their finger at your cursor.

13. Smash the Walls

Break walls one by one.

14. Staggering Beauty

An addictive website about a worm that moves along the cursor.

15. Weird or Confusing

Click the Please button for the site to send you to the stupid product in online stores.

16. Koalas to the Max

Grind the circles to get an image of a koala.

17. Cat Bounce

Click on the Make it rain button to make a rain of cats.

18. Image Ninja

Just remind yourself who you are.

19. Cross Divisions

Let your eyes rest.

20. Omfgdogs

Count rainbow dogs to a cute 8-bit melody.