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Weekly Fun: Amusing and Absurd Establishing Paternity Cases

This week features funny and absurd cases of establishing paternity as well as secrets of the most influential people in the world who get involved in legal proceedings, too.

Weekly Fun: Hilarious Valentine’s Day Memes and Valentines for Your Ex

This week features the funniest memes dedicated to Valentine's Day as well as list of phrases that you can use in Valentines to your ex.

Shakira’s Hype Tongue Became the Main Meme of the Month

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez shocked the audience of the Super Bowl with their vigorous dancing, a cosmic energy, and Shakira’s “naughty” tongue.

Weekly Fun: Dinosaur Poop Butt Plug, a Fisting Emoji, Burying Your Sex Doll with Honors, and Porn Games That Fight Coronavirus

This week’s stories feature porn games that fight the coronavirus and dinosaur poop butt plug that will spice up your love life. Plus, your favorite sex doll can now be buried with all the honors. And finally, we got a fisting emoji – because there’s a reason for everything.

9 Awkward Job Interview Situations

There are lots of ridiculous ways for a job interview to go wrong. And even though it might seem like you’ve already seen or read about the most absurd ones, the stories from life continue to emerge.

Weekly Fun: Soap Mistaken for Cookies, How to Earn Money on a Plane, and a Doll Full of Bernie’s Flakes

This week’s stories feature a woman who mistook the soap for a cookie, a man who accidentally became richer during his flight to Tel Aviv, and a mermaid doll full of cocaine.

Gwyneth Paltrow Unites All Fetishists of the World

The actress released scented candles with the smell of her own vagina. The candles are called "This Smells Like My Vagina."