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Quiz: What's Missing in These Frames from “Friends”?

Try to take this quiz and, perhaps, you will realize that it is high time to refresh your favorite episodes in your memory and re-watch them at dinner? Because we are sure that true fans never hesitate!

Weekly Fun: Gucci Surf, Chicken Flavored KFC Lipstick, and TikTok Auditory Illusion

This week’s stories feature a browser game from Gucci that offers users to collect plastic from the ocean, a KFC lipstick with the flavor of hot chicken wings, and an auditory illusion on TikTok that perplexed netizens around the world.

Quiz: Do You Have Abs?

As you know, the more you move, the healthier your body will be, which means that your mobility directly affects your life expectancy.

Quiz: What's Missing In Your Life?

Sometimes, it happens that we feel some kind of emptiness inside, as if we lack something for peace of mind and simple human happiness. But how to understand which part of the puzzle is lost and prevents us from feeling "whole" and satisfied with life?

Quiz: How Lazy Are You?

So many discoveries could have been made if not pure human laziness! But is laziness the nature of human beings? Can we overcome it? And are you a lazy person? Let’s check with our quiz!

Weekly Fun: A Thief Fox Stealing Slippers, a Golden Mask for $4,000, and a Dog With an Honorary Doctorate Degree

This week’s stories feature Ryan Reynolds offering a $5,000 reward for a stolen teddy bear, an Indian businessman who wears a $4,000-worth face mask, and a corgi puppy singing along Frank Ocean.

Quiz: Can You Guess Which of These Men J. Lo Was Dating?

Jennifer Lopez is one of those stars who are desperately unlucky in their personal lives. In interviews, the singer often admits that she is afraid to be left alone, which makes her throw herself into the arms of men who are unworthy of her.

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