How to please a person who has everything? Give them a high-quality thing that will last more than one year: an unkillable pair of shoes, a warm woolen scarf, or a classic sweater. We have made a selection of iconic items that have not lost their relevance over the years.

1. Acne Studios scarf

The brand makes expensive but high-quality things with a sleek design. This iconic wool scarf is wide and long enough for you to wrap yourself in it entirely.

2. Uniqlo thermal underwear

Uniqlo lovingly produces a line of thermal underwear for city dwellers, regardless of whether there is a fashion for the outdoor or not. Warm leggings and a turtleneck with Heattech technology are useful for anyone who loves long walks in winter.

3. Dr. Martens boots

The classic model of indestructible boots in white. Paired with a woolen sock, Dr. Martens will keep you warm even when it is extremely cold outside, and due to their color, they look like an art object.

4. The North Face fleece jacket

Take care of your best friend by giving her a warm, waterproof fleece jacket from the respected outdoor brand The North Face.

5. Sleeper pajama set

This one will bring a bit of luxury to the chilly January evenings. It is doubly pleasant to receive such a thing as a gift. However, nothing prevents you from wearing this set in everyday life.

6. The Snapshot bag

An iconic bag. If your friend or sister has long dreamed of having a classy bag for all occasions, help her start with this little one.

7. Helmut Lang turtleneck

Recognizable neon, classic cut – the designer's signature style is obvious. At the same time, this piece of clothing does not look like a one-season-thing.

8. Howlin’ cardigan

A perfect knitted cardigan with a fun pattern. And it is difficult to be mistaken with the size when dealing with oversized knitted items.