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A Little Surprise for Valentine's Day From Telegram

Valentine's Day can be celebrated even in social networks. Pavel Durov provided a romantic mood by releasing cute emojis to celebrate the holiday.

National Hugging Day: How Many Times a Day Do You Need to Cuddle, and Why?

What do you know about National Hugging Day and its benefits? Hugs are not only a manifestation of care and love, but they also help relieve stress.

How to Know If the New Year's Eve Night Went Well

We will tell you about 8 key signs that will help you understand whether your New Year’s Eve night was a blast.

Bill Gates Became a Generous Reddit Secret Santa Again

Microsoft founder Bill Gates made these Christmas holidays special for one Michigan woman. As the Secret Santa on RedditGifts, he gave the woman 81 pounds of presents.

What's Inside the First Tiffany & Co Advent Calendar That Costs $112,000?

For the first time, Tiffany & Co. will introduce a select Christmas advent calendar. Every day a surprise wrapped in a cherished Tiffany Blue Box will await you.

Apple Shares a New Heartwarming Christmas Ad Called “The Surprise”

Apple has released a new holiday ad called The Surprise that turned out to be a deeply emotional story that showed us the importance of caring about our beloved ones and our family.

The Long-Awaited John Lewis Christmas Advert 2019

John Lewis is a British store chain that releases special and touching Christmas adverts that signify the beginning of holidays and the Christmas season.

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