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What Is Today? World Compliment Day

You don't need a reason to say nice things to others, do you? But, apparently, someone nevertheless decided to come up with an official date for saying pleasant words to someone you would be hesitant to say them to on an ordinary day.

What Is Today? National Margarita Day

It is known that at the beginning of the twentieth century, bartenders did not mix it yet, and in the mid-30s, it was already quite a regular in the US bars.

Is Valentine's Day an Old-Fashioned Holiday? Here's What Young People Really Think of Holiday Romance in 2021

The Internet Protocol editorial team decided to share their opinion on how they celebrate Valentine's Day and what they think of it in general.

What Is Today? National Pizza Day

Today, on February 9, the world celebrates an unusual holiday – World Pizza Day. The Internet Protocol team has gathered a bunch of interesting facts about the Italian national dish.

What Is Today? International Bartender's Day

The date of the holiday was not chosen by chance – February 6 is the Day of St. Amand, one of the great Christian apostles, who is considered the patron saint of winemakers, brewers, merchants, as well as restaurateurs, and bartenders.

What Is Today? National Ukulele Day

Many sources translate the Hawaiian word “ukulele” as “jumping flea,” but the last queen of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Liliʻuokalani, translated ukulele as “a gift from afar.”

Santa Meows: Holiday Cats in Christmas Costumes

Christmas tree, tangerines, holiday decorations, coziness – the holiday atmosphere fades away. What can make the festive feeling last longer if not an adorable fluffy cat wearing a Christmas costume?

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