It is believed that the New Year should certainly bring us happiness and joy. But this holiday is not always cheerful and carefree. The reasons for this can be very different – from a negative event preceding New Year's Eve to non-obvious triggers that we do not think about at all. So, if you hate the holiday like the Grinch from Ron Howard's fairytale movie, we have found at least four reasons for you to do so.

1. Family values

Celebrating the New Year with your family is a tradition that many of us follow, but at the same time, this tradition can bring trouble. If meeting with relatives makes you nervous and can be accompanied by blood pressure surges, fever, chills, and even nausea, then there is a mental problem.

If you have increased anxiety, but at the same time, you cannot miss a holiday with your family, you can use a simple technique to calm down. Think about the fact that someone else in the same room with you might feel the same way as you, that is, such mental issues are of a family matter. And breathe deeply because it really helps.

2. New Year Music

Experts assure that if these magical melodies appear too early in our lives, they will only increase the tension associated with the coming physical and emotional stress. This kind of music also makes us spend more, which can also be seriously upsetting once the bells finally subside and you realize that several thousand are missing from your wallet.

3. Environmental issues

New Year is a small ecological disaster. We consume three times more food during the New Year's holidays, which means we leave behind three times more waste. And we use kilometers of wrapping paper, the production of only one kilogram of which releases 3.5 kilograms of carbon into the air.

4. Dangerous fireworks

It turns out that people who watch the fireworks are in danger too. For example, because of the metallic particles responsible for the colors and effects, fireworks worsen bronchial asthma symptoms and increase the risk of pneumonia in healthy people.