In Handy Tips, we find ways to improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you how to get drunk and not experience negative consequences later.

If tomorrow morning you don't want your face to look like a portrait of Dorian Gray who has been drinking all night, follow our expert advice.

1. Preparation

An hour and a half before the inevitable drunkenness, eat more fiber (vegetables, legumes, or muesli) and bakery products that suck alcohol in instead of you. It is also not forbidden to drink a glass of Enterosgel (sold in any pharmacy).

2. Choosing the right liquor

In order not to burden you with terms like "primary fermentation" and "monofractionality," we will formulate a simple rule: vodka, tequila, sambuca, and white wine treat your appearance most carefully. Slightly worse choices are whiskey, cognac, brandy, sparkling and red wines. Another rule: the hotter it is around, the lower the degree of the drinks should be.

3. Drinking

No matter how fast you want to finish off the Lambrusco barrel and fall into the basement for another one, do not rush. The maximum permissible drinking rate is two drinks per hour (one drink = 20 g of pure alcohol, that is, a glass of vodka, or a glass of wine, or half a liter of beer), or better even – one drink. This way, the body has time to metabolize the incoming alcohol, and does not accumulate it.

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4. Support

A swollen face, bags under the eyes – all these are the consequences of body dehydration. In short, alcohol removes electrolytes from you, the density of your body fluids drops, and you are bloated and swollen the following day.

Therefore, while the main dish is on its way, ask your friends to give you sauerkraut and pickles: these products are rich in electrolytes and do not contain too much pure salt (sodium chloride) at the same time – you do not need excess sodium right now.

What you need is succinic acid. It is found in rye bread, seafood (except for shrimp), and gooseberries. Make a salad out of them and eat them to the accompaniment of general exclamations of disgust.

5. Sleep

To improve the color and firmness of the face, put plenty of water by the bed and drink it in the middle of the night. Important: if you have to sleep less than two hours, it is better not to go to bed at all.