"Threads" Facebook is preparing to introduce the brand-new chat app. Conceptually, it will be adjusted for Instagram. Inside the app, users will have the list of "close friends" and ability to text, send images, video, and share more private data suchlike location, speed, and status. By the way, the "Status" section can opt automatically and will update according to the current activity of the user or selected manually from the list below. If the user didn't tap the online location button, other users would see the "on the road" status and the switched-on green dot.

All the recent stories of the Instagram friends can be browsed in Threads. The messenger will also have a built-in camera to take photos or record videos together with all the Instagram filter toolkit to create personalized content.
Instagram representatives haven't said a word about Threads yet, but Facebook reports that the app is currently being tested.

The Direct standalone app project was stopped in May, and it's hard to predict the future of Threads. But, it can be a handy option for Instagram subscribers to reach best friends.