Journalists from "Android Police" studied and described how the preferences of Play Store users have changed in the last three months. Lists of the most popular mobile applications for Android download and installation by users in February, March and April differ. For the second month in a row, the ratings of applications providing online shopping and delivery services, news, video streaming and virtual communication services have been growing. In this study, mobile gaming applications were not considered.

The world of self-isolation significantly corrects the market for mobile applications. Developers are also adapting to this situation. Users now spend more and more time at home where they work, communicate, learn, play and watch entertainment videos and movies.

A comparative study by Android Police used data from App Annie's analytics platform on Play Store user activity as of February 27, March 27 and April 27, 2020.

The top ten most popular free applications in the Play Store at the end of each month:


Place February March April
1 Your Phone Comparison Zoom Zoom
2 Android Auto TikTok TikTok
3 TikTok News Break Houseparty
4 Instagram SmartNews DoorDash
5 Messenger Google Classroom Wish
6 IRS2Go WhatsApp Cash App
7 Android System WebView Hangouts Meet Instagram
8 Snapchat Messenger Google Meet
9 WhatsApp WhatsApp Netflix
10 Cash App Instagram WhatsApp

It is noteworthy that at the end of April Zoom remains in the top of downloads among users, while Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams began to download much less – they have now fallen below thirtieth place in this ranking.

In fact, the Houseparty social network, DoorDash delivery service aggregation and Wish trading platform are candidates for the application of the month, in addition to video conferencing services. As users are always looking for new and convenient interactive ways to stay in touch, order food and shop from home. And these free novice applications have found their way in time and have recently started to be actively downloaded and used by users.

The ten most popular paid applications of the Play Store at the end of each month:


Place February March April
1 Braintoss XtraMath DroidCamX Wireless
2 HotSchedules DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro Scanner Radio Pro — Fire and Police Scanner
3 Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch Scanner Radio Pro — Fire and Police Scanner SkyView Explore the Universe
4 Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) The Wonder Weeks vs 9 Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
5 TouchRetouch Tiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch
6 Nova Launcher Prime Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch FL Studio Mobile
7 The Wonder Weeks vs 9 Plague Inc: Scenario Creator QMAP
8 Tasker FL Studio Mobile CE5 Contact
9 FL Studio Mobile Video & TV Cast Ultimate Edition
10 Magnificat Lenten 2020 Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) TouchRetouch

This table shows that users are increasingly trying to isolate themselves and looking for convenient services for video broadcasting, geolocation, wireless equipment and cars, as well as they need to get current information about events in the world and near the home in various ways available.

A dozen "Top Grossing" (the applications that bring the most income) of the Play Store at the end of each month:

Place February March April
1 Disney+ Disney+ Google One
2 Google One Google One Disney+
3 Pandora Pandora Pandora
4 ESPN Tinder Twitch
5 Tinder Twitch Tinder
6 HBO NOW HBO NOW Facebook
8 TurboTax Tax Return App Facebook
9 Facebook Tango MeetMe
10 BIGO LIVE Bumble Tango

This table shows the minimum changes for three months. At the end of April only the MeetMe service was able to interest new users the most. This application was on the 15th line of the rating in February, and now it is in the top ten.

It is noteworthy that such previously popular applications as Spotify and YouTube Music are less and less downloaded by users, as they have easier and more convenient alternatives, and the users themselves have very much changed interests over the past three months.