At the Build 2020 Developer Conference, Microsoft announced several new features for the Edge browser.

One of the new features is the sidebar search. A new option on the sidebar allows users to search everything without leaving the tab. It will be enough to select the text on the page and right-click "search in the sidebar," and then the search results will be displayed on the right side.

Sidebar search will function in a working environment: in a working account, you can run a search on corporate documents. It will be possible for corporate users of Edge to switch automatically between personal and business Microsoft accounts.

At the same time, Microsoft announced a partnership with the popular social network Pinterest to bring recommendations from Pinterest to the bottom of the Collections panel.

In such a way, the company wants to offer users new ideas for inspiration. Collections are used to create collections of different content like links, images, text. Also, Collections can now be sent not only to Excel and Word but also to OneNote.

Introducing Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge | The Internet Protocol
Microsoft has released an official and stable version of the Edge browser that is now based on the Chromium engine.

Both features will be available to testers in insider channels Beta and Canary in the coming weeks. It is unknown when these features will appear in the custom version of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft is also working to improve support for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Edge. Recent builds of Windows 10 include the ability for PWA applications to share content.

Unfortunately, there are no updates on the availability dates of full history and tab sync in Edge. It is a big drawback compared to Chrome, which makes it difficult to use Edge on multiple computers and devices with iOS and Android.

Previously, Microsoft promised that it would be available in the summer, but it has not even appeared in the weekly beta versions of Edge.