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Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service. Pinterest helps users discover and do what they love: find recipes, style inspiration, projects for home, etc.

Instagram Adds New Features to Promote Eating Disorder Awareness

Throughout National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, influencers will share helpful resources and engaging content for people struggling with body image problems and eating disorders.

Handy Tips: How to Create a Nice-Looking Poster Quickly

Creating a poster is a rather laborious and tricky process. In this article, we have collected sources of inspiration, useful generators, and tips for creating a good-looking poster that can reach and fascinate the end customer.

Google’s Area 120 Internal Team Launches Keen, an AI-Powered Pinterest-Style App

Keen is an experimental app developed by Google’s Area 120 Internal team that lets users save and share links, resources, and ideas they are fond of in topic boards. To suggest related content, Google uses machine learning and Search.

Microsoft Edge Will Receive New Sidebar Search Feature and Pinterest Integration

At Build 2020 Developer Conference, Microsoft announced a partnership with Pinterest to improve the quality of Collections and, according to company representatives, to offer users new ideas for inspiration and problem-solving.

Spotify to Stop Political Advertising

Spotify followed the steps of Twitter and TikTok: in 2020, the company will abandon political advertising.

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