On June 20, Snapchat rolled out the first Snap Mini app with tools from Headspace, a popular app with meditation sessions. According to a company’s spokesperson, this Snap Mini is there “to help support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of Snapchatters.”

Headspace is an app that offers users a bunch of guided meditations where one of the co-creators leads them through relaxation techniques.

Snapchat announced the new product dubbed Snap Minis back in June at the 2020 Snap virtual Partner Summit. Snap Minis are bite-sized apps made using HTML by third-party developers and are located right in the Snapchat app and work on any device without the need to download and install them.

Snapchat Announced Snap Minis Along With Other New Features
Snap Minis are bite-sized apps developed by third-party specialists that live in the chat section of Snapchat and let you interact with your friends easier and in a more fun way.

The Minis can be used by several users at a time, making it easy for friends to interact with each other. There are seven of them that will become available this summer within the app for iOS and Android. Headspace Mini is among four Minis that are launching this week, including Let’s Do It, Prediction Master, and Flashcards. These four Minis are now available globally.

Headspace Mini offers six meditation sessions that last from three to four minutes and that you can do with friends or on your own. The sessions include themes like “Get Out of a Funk,” “Be Nice to You,” “Kick the Panic,” and others. To open the mini app, simply click the rocket icon in chat or search the app’s name.

Snapchat Minis Headspace
Image: Snapchat

Headspace Mini also lets you know how your friends are feeling, and you have an option to show how you feel by adding corresponding stickers or animations to your snaps after tapping “Snap how you feel.” Moreover, you can send encouraging messages to your friends. Headspace Mini also comes with resources about physical and emotional wellbeing.

Snapchat’s research has shown that the social media platform’s users often experience stress, anxiety, and depression, and usually, they need their friends’ support when they feel like it.

Nearly 90% of Snapchat’s audience is people aged 13-34, which is a very young age group. Therefore, the social media platform strives to help its users feel less stressed and anxious about the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this initiative, Snap also rolled out Here For You tool in March.

Snapchat Launches Mental Health Feature Early Due to Coronavirus Panic
The new Snapchat feature will be rolled out earlier due to massive panic caused by the novel coronavirus. The team believes that it will help ease anxiety and depressive episodes during the quarantine.