From now on, users can undress any woman using a simple photo. The DeepNude app is designed to perform it. Special tools of this app, based on neural networks, can quickly remove clothes from images of people completely exposing the body. The creator of this program remains unknown. The journalists of one publication mentioned only the name Alberto and that the whole idea comes from the “X-ray” glasses from the comics.

The app appeared on the web on June 23 and right now can work as a desktop program. DeepNude can be downloaded and installed for Windows and Linux. However, this smart service can process only the images of women, but the author promises to teach the program to undress men as well.

The algorithm of photo editing was trained with 10 thousand photos of naked ladies. So, when the new image is uploaded the software deletes clothes from the object and adds the hidden parts of the body. The most realistic photos can be achieved if the model on the picture stands right in front of the photographer in swimwear or lingerie. In case the pose and the angle are more complicated, the app can make mistakes.

However, there are some interesting nuances about DeepNude. When the customer uses the free version of the app, all the final photo files will have the watermark which can be removed with the $50 payment. Then the image will get another mark “Fake” in the corner of the image, and it can also be removed with the help of $100 payment.

Admittedly, the app of this kind has raised the resonance in the web community. Some even say that it’s the “horrifying deepfake app” that can easily make any woman naked on the picture for $50. Many users were wondering why the app is tailored only to undress girls and doesn’t process gentlemen’ images.

The next question that is not less crucial is the modern capabilities of artificial intelligence and the general availability of it. Here it comes across with ethic aspect of implementing suchlike algorithms for creating false data.

The project author emphasizes that there is nothing immoral about his program. He calls himself the technology enthusiast who doesn’t have any mental twists and continues updating the software. He mentioned that his previous startup attempts failed and this time, he aimed to make a profit out of this application. Alberto confessed that he had some doubts when creating this app, but the same operation can be done in any photo editor for a half an hour while his app can manage the task in 30 seconds. Alberto explained that this is the fun experiment, and there is nothing extraterrestrial about his idea, anyone could design the same.

Indeed, the team of researchers from the Imperial College London and the Samsung company introduced the neural network, which can make the photo of a person alive by applying his or her voice or voice of someone else.