What do you know about such fears and peculiar phobias?

I’ve been suffering from peladophobia for over 5 years, and only a short while ago I discovered that I was not alone. For those of you who didn’t know, peladophobia is a fear of bald people. For some, it is connected with a deep fear of becoming bald, but not in my case.

For sure, sometimes, we all attract what we fear. For instance, it’s very common for me to find out that a bald guy sits in front of me when I’m at the movies. The only thing that saves me is that it is dark there.

I feel terribly uncomfortable meeting people with entirely bald heads. By “completely bald” I don’t mean someone who has some bald spots or whose hair is just a few millimeters long. I mean those who are so bold their heads shine! But it’s not just ordinary bald people who scare me, it’s the ugly hairless fat folds behind their heads.

I still have no idea where this fear came from. I do have some ideas, though.

Theory no. 1

Five years ago my friend and I were on holidays in Egypt. We lived in a bungalow that was divided into two separate rooms. We couldn’t sleep well for three nights in a row because apparently our next-door neighbors were on their honeymoon and every night was a wild night. We thought so until on the 4th day we met our actual neighbors. As it turned out, they were two men. One of them had long hair, and the other one was a proud owner of a shiny baldhead. For some reason, the moment of one man gently patting his bald lover’s head in the morning really stuck in my mind.

Theory no. 2

A long time ago, I was taking my holiday flight and, ironically, there were 4 bald men sitting next to me. I felt kinda embarrassed by the fact that I had some hair and they didn’t. It may sound stupid, but nowadays I always try to avoid bald people so that I don’t feel scared and embarrassed.

Theory no. 3

At some point, my grandma got sick and it caused total loss of her hair. It scared the hell out of me as a child. Perhaps, I try to avoid bald people because subconsciously I think that they have a certain dicease. And that’s why I can’t make acquaintances – I am afraid to lose that person later.

To this day, I am searching for an answer. Trying to solve this riddle, my friends remembered Freud and said that I mistaken peladophobia for ithyphallophobia. Ithyphallophobia is a fear of thinking about or seeing a penis. Again, not my case. It could’ve been possible for me to see bald people as walking penises if I’d done heavy drugs, yet male genitalia does not frighten me.

Because of my phobia, I don’t watch movies featuring Vin Diesel, I don’t play billiards, and I don’t watch porn with Johnny Sins.