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Virgin Galactic Unveiled Renders of a Supersonic Jet for Passenger Flights

The final version of the proposed aircraft could have room for nine to nineteen passengers and travel three times faster than the speed of sound at an altitude above 60,000 feet.

How to Travel Offline Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Some countries are gradually opening their borders, so traveling might return to our lives, but under certain conditions, of course. There are some rules to follow if you want to stay safe and healthy these times, and this article is exactly about them.

Iceland Invites You to Scream After the Coronavirus Quarantine Is Over

Iceland launched a screaming campaign for tourists to attract them to visit Iceland landscapes and relieve stress during the coronavirus pandemic.

5 Things That the Pandemic Will Change for the Better at Airports

In this article, we are figuring out how the COVID-19 pandemic affected airports and how they will change in the post-pandemic world. In this list, find 5 evidence that airports will become better.

How to Feel the Taste of Traveling Without Leaving Home

How to overcome the great frustration and feast on your favorite foreign dish even in quarantine? Read about how to taste the spirit of travels without consequences in the form of a fine for violating quarantine in our article.

Online Walking in the Rain Without Leaving Home

Take a walk in the rainy city without getting up off the couch. No wetness, humidity, and darkness – only the pleasure of strolling along the streets.

Around the World on a Couch: 9 Travel Web Tours to See the World

Most countries’ borders are still closed, which means that we can’t enjoy the sunlit beaches and landmarks of European countries. But don’t lose your heart! You can take a virtual tour around the world while social distancing.

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