We often hear that mothers are capable of truly heroic deeds for the sake of their children. The case we are going to tell you about is an exception to the rule. The popular “son of her mother's friend” meme has now an official prototype.

This amusing incident happened in the Brazilian city of Porto Velho. A 43-year-old man named Heitor Schiave was feeling utterly sad because his 60-year-old mom could not pass her driving test (even for the third time!). The man’s feelings were hurt by this ridiculous misunderstanding as the man is a mechanic. And as they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

A defeatist mindset is not about Heitor, so this good son made a decision to take some action. Heitor’s plan was both daring and stupid: he pretended to be his mother. He put on his mother’s clothes, a wig, and even got a manicure. The devil is in the detail, you know. God gave Heitor mother wit but forgot about the acting skills. The driving instructor noticed that the “woman” didn’t look anything like her passport photo, and called the police. Heitor was arrested right in women’s clothes. He explained his actions and said that he did it because of love for his mother.

Now the exemplary son is waiting for a trial. He was accused of misuse of someone's identity and fraud. Will his mother appear in court dressed like her son? This couple definitely receives an award for the best family of the year!