“My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola,” sings Lana Del Rey, but taking things on trust is somewhat reckless. And yet Gwyneth Paltrow, as they say, lives in deeds rather than words, and offers all those wishing to smell her honeypot for fun $75.

Tony Stark’s wife and a wild businesswoman, or as we call her in our universe, Gwyneth Paltrow, shocked the whole world. While continuing to develop her brand of organic products and cosmetics, the actress released scented candles with the smell of her own vagina. The candles are called This Smells Like My Vagina.

A perfume composition is made of several notes, including bergamot, geranium, cedar, and damask rose – a funny, fantastic, sexy, and unexpectedly lovely fragrance. Sure thing, loads of people started taunting and making fun of Gwyneth. The marketing ploy worked and delivered some results – a test run was sold out in an instant. It cost all interested fetishists from all over the world $75. For now, you can’t buy the candle, but you naturally can pre-order it.