Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is the technology that allows us to overlay digital information on the real-life environment instead of replacing them with created artificial ones. AR can add sounds, graphics, or videos to an existing world. This technology is not that futuristic, though. In fact, it is available in places we may not even notice, like in Snapchat filters or apps like Pokemon Go.

Apple Acquired a California-Based VR Company NextVR

The NextVR website has changed its slogan to "NextVR is Heading in a New Direction." The company thanked its partners and fans around the world and closed, being completely absorbed by Apple.

Snapchat Time Machine

After a huge success of the baby filter, Snapchat launched the new filter to surpass the previous result.

Apple Glasses to Augment Reality. Expected to Be Released in 2020

Apple plans to present smart glasses with AR system to see things differently.

The New Head of HTC Gave the Reasons Why Company Failed in the Smartphone Market

HTC lost its high position among smartphone manufacturers due to infrequent hardware modernization.

Facebook Teamed Up with Ray-Ban to Create the Augmented Reality Glasses

Facebook augments reality with smart glasses. The collaboration with leading eyewear maker can allow seeing things differently.

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