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Augmented reality is the technology that allows us to overlay digital information on the real-life environment instead of replacing them with created artificial ones. AR can add sounds, graphics, or videos to an existing world. This technology is not that futuristic, though. In fact, it is available in places we may not even notice, like in Snapchat filters or apps like Pokemon Go.

The Witcher Game Will Get an AR Mobile Spin-Off Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer lets players imagine themselves being professional monster hunters, tracking foul creatures, and taking them down with swords in augmented reality right through their smartphones.

Google Now Lets You View Ancient Animals and NASA Artifacts in AR

Ancients animals and artifacts are overlayed into your environment so that you can view them from different angles and even take pictures of them.

Google Added 23 AR Creepy Crawlies to Its 3D Animals Search Collection

If you’re a huge fan of little critters, crawlies, and insects that fly and buzz in general, you can now freely enjoy them in AR right on your smartphone as Google added 23 insects to its 3D animals collection on Google Search.

Google "Revived" Dinosaurs From Jurassic World Through Augmented Reality

Google, together with Universal Brand Development, Amblin Entertainment and Ludia, transferred ten dinosaurs of the famous Jurassic World franchise directly to Google search.

WWDC 2020: Apple Introduced New iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7

Apple finally held its all-online Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where the tech giant announced a lot of new and exciting features for products, including iPad and Apple Watch.

Snapchat Announced Snap Minis Along With Other New Features at a Virtual Summit

Snap Minis are bite-sized apps developed by third-party specialists that live in the chat section of Snapchat and let you interact with your friends easier and in a more fun way.

Apple Acquired a California-Based VR Company NextVR

The NextVR website has changed its slogan to "NextVR is Heading in a New Direction." The company thanked its partners and fans around the world and closed, being completely absorbed by Apple.

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