Apple's much-anticipated augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, has taken the tech world by storm as pre-orders opened in the United States. Within just an hour, the initial batch of pre-orders was completely sold out, leaving many eagerly waiting for their chance to get their hands on this groundbreaking device.

Deliveries for the lucky first buyers are set to begin on February 2, while those who missed out will have to wait until at least spring, possibly March, for the next batch.

Apple Unveils Its New $3,500 AR Headset Vision Pro
The device primarily positions itself as an AR headset, seamlessly blending the real and digital worlds. However, it also offers the flexibility to switch between augmented and full virtual reality experiences using a dial.

What sets the pre-order process apart is its personalized touch. Prospective buyers were required to scan their faces using Face ID-compatible devices. The system then inquired about the use of eyewear and the need for any special accessories. Only after completing this process users could choose from three available options: a 256GB headset for $3,500, a 512GB one for $3,700, and a 1TB version for $3,900.

Each Apple Vision Pro package includes not just the headset itself but also various accessories like a dual loop band, protective cover, external battery, light seal cushion, polishing cloth, and a USB-C charging cord with a power adapter. This comprehensive package aims to provide users with a seamless experience from the moment they unbox their new device.

Apple Vision Pro to Go on Sale in the US on February 2 for $3,499
Users will control the device with their voice, hands, and eyes. An all-new App Store will provide access to over a million apps from iOS and iPadOS ecosystems, along with new visionOS experiences.

However, Apple's venture into the world of augmented reality comes with its challenges as the device's high price tag and the absence of mainstream apps like YouTube, Spotify, or Netflix contribute to its niche status. Apple may release a more affordable model in the future, though, potentially priced between $1,500 and $2,500.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that during the pre-order weekend, Apple may have sold between 160,000 and 180,000 Vision Pro headsets, surpassing earlier production figures. While this sounds impressive, Kuo suggests that demand might taper off after the initial excitement from early adopters.