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BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is a British nationwide public broadcasting organization established by the Royal Charter. It is funded by the license fee that UK households pay. It provides national TV channels, an Internet TV service, radio stations, and a website, offering news in 42 languages plus English.

8 Worthy British Series to Watch in September

While the film studios continue to delay movie premieres until better times, British TV pleases us with small premieres, which in their coolness can be compared with high-budget series.

13 Amazing Summer Series You Might Have Missed

Wondering what series to watch this summer? Check out our compilation of series you might have missed and series you definitely shouldn’t miss this summer: from new “Adventure Time” to “Brave New World.”

15 Best TV Shows of 2020 According to BBC

British film critics Eddie Mullan and Hugh Montgomery compiled a special list for BBC of the best TV shows that were released in 2020. The list includes TV series from Netflix, HBO and Apple TV.

Weekly Fun: Kanye West as a President, Onion-Flavored Corn Pillows, and Laughing Foxes

This week’s stories feature Elon Musk, who supports Kanye West’s decision to become a US President; children taking BBC by storm; and Kellogg’s onion-flavored corn pillows.

Paradise Seychelles Islands Are Poisoned with the Heroin Epidemic

The anti-drug agency uses methadone to fight with drug addiction and prevent the criminalization of this problem.

Artificial Intelligence Saves Lives. 700 Suicides Were Prevented in China

AI algorithm can detect the psychological state of users and support the depressed ones.

Slave Traders from Kuwait Sold Women via Instagram

Slave traders also use Instagram for their business. How does the slavery market look like in the 21st century?

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