While the film studios continue to delay movie premieres until better times or postpone the dates of their promising projects, British TV pleases us with small premieres, which in their coolness can be compared with high-budget series. In this article, we will tell you about the most exciting and inspiring British TV shows you can watch this September.

1. Trigonometry

Released in the spring and undeservedly deprived of attention, the Trigonometry series tells about a love triangle – and this is a story with a happy ending. It is about a quite difficult combination of characters, who together manage to overcome not only their own complexes and past traumas, but also social prejudices and high expectations of their parents.

2. Staged

This hilariously funny screen life miniseries is about trying to work while being in self-isolation. Starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen, the plot is based on their real life: Tennant tries to persuade Sheen to rehearse remotely for a play in which they were supposed to take part before the pandemic broke out. Stubborn Sheen acts foolishly and procrastinates, and anxious Tennant obsessively reads words backwards. Both endlessly tease each other, and it looks exceptionally amusing.

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3. A Suitable Boy

This is a saga about the life of four families in India in the middle of the 20th century. The story focuses on a wayward university student named Lata, and her mother is eager to get her daughter married. Lata is in no hurry to tie the knot, but she will have to make a choice between three worthy candidates.

4. The Deceived

Intense thriller + family drama = the perfect combination for the next rainy weekend. The plot is classic: a Cambridge student falls in love with an imposing professor married to a successful writer, which does not bother the student. However, the professor's wife dies under mysterious circumstances, and an unfaithful spouse is clearly involved.

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5. Little Birds

A free film adaptation of the collection of erotic stories of the same name by Anaïs Nin. The story tells about two girls: one tries to sort out her sexual and personal life and free herself from the conventions of her class, and the other fights for a tolerable life in a Muslim society and French occupation, and their paths continually intersect.

6. Gangs of London

This is a crime drama about a brutal war between London criminal gangs. It will appeal to those who love Guy Ritchie's work and fight scenes with impeccable combat choreography. It stars Joe Cole from Peaky Blinders, Paapa Essiedu from I May Destroy You, and Michelle Fairley from Game of Thrones.

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7. Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads

A remake of the 1990s miniseries created by English playwright Alan Bennett. The series has 12 episodes, and each of them is like a one-man show performed by the best British actors. Jodie Comer reads a monologue of an actress who is proud of her professionalism, but accidentally ends up on the set of soft porn; Martin Freeman plays a selfish mama's son who prevents an elderly mother from building a personal life; and Sarah Lancashire gets the role of a mother who is visited by incestuous thoughts about her own teenage son who looks older than his years.

8. I Hate Suzie

A popular actress named Susie Pickles is in big trouble – her phone is hacked, and incriminating photos are leaked online. Suzie, burning with shame and anxiety, is trying to restore her trampled public image and find out who is behind it.