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Elon Musk will support Kanye West as a candidate for the position of President of the United States

This fall, the United States plans to hold the US presidential election. Without knowing the result of the election, voters are already dissatisfied. Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, and Joe Biden almost became the candidate from the Democratic Party (he has not yet been officially nominated at the congress, but the party has no other candidates).

Around this time, unexpected neutral candidates traditionally can arise in the election race. They guarantee freedom of choice, but they have never achieved tangible results in history. In 2020, the first of these candidates is (oh God, who would have thought!) Kanye West.

Maybe it’s just a PR campaign for his new album called God’s Country, but Trump once seemed like a joke too. Knowing the rapper’s scandalous nature and his desire to shock people, you can expect him to really be up for the election. A lot of famous people have already spoken up in his support, including, of course, the new father Elon Musk:

Kanye West has publicly announced that he has bipolar disorder, so it is not yet clear which of Wests will run for president. It is possible that one will represent the Democrats, and the second one – the Republicans. The rapper’s latest video clip may possibly correspond to his political agenda.

Twitter users imagine what the White House will look like during the presidency of Kanye West

Trump’s candidacy was once considered a joke! Many people think that Kanye West’s statement is just a publicity stunt before the release of the new album. Others believe that Kanye will simply act as a spoiler for Donald Trump to pull back some of the votes from his closest competitor, Joe Biden, against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement. We must agree that this version has the right to exist.

Others decided to do a more useful thing – to imagine what the White House would have looked like during the presidency of Kanye West, and what would have happened if the Kardashian family had begun to make reality shows in the presidential residence.

Children are taking BBC and Sky News live broadcasts by storm again

It’s the BBC again. This time, the little girl brightened up the broadcast dedicated to quarantine.

It is worth paying tribute to the presenter of the broadcast as he expertly supported the appearance of the girl.

Along with the BBC broadcast, a similar story happened with an expert of Sky News. During the broadcast, a little son ran up to the journalist and asked if he could take a couple of cookies, taking advantage of the fact that the mother could not say no in front of the audience.

A strange South Korean ad with a touching story behind it

This story originates in the distant 2004. It was then that Kellogg's world-famous breakfast cereal company decided to conduct a comic marketing campaign in South Korea. The company launched a “President Election Event,” in which people needed to either vote for chocolate Chex cereal character Chekkie, or green Chaka with the taste of green onions.

The marketing team at Kellogg's naively believed that children — the target audience for cereals and chocolate pillows — hated green onions and would definitely vote for the Chekkie chocolate. It just seems that marketers did not know anything about Koreans at all because they all rushed to vote for the green Chaka.

Kellogg's headquarters sounded the alarm when the number of votes for green onion-flavored pillows exceeded the votes for chocolate pillows by the critical 50,000 votes. Kellogg's rushed to clean up the result of an online vote, as the company awkwardly explained to the press, for "security reasons." Chocolate Chekkie won in an absolutely unimaginable way. Koreans felt cheated. The hashtag #PrayForChex, symbolizing the struggle for justice and fair elections, even appeared on Twitter.

And after 16 years of shame and anguish, the South Korean branch of Kellogg's decided to rehabilitate. The official YouTube channel published a 6-second video, in which a green onion falls into a plate with chocolate pillows to the Korean melody with the words 미안 미안 미안 (meaning, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry”). A full-length video was then published about how Kellogg's tried to come to terms with Korean citizens' choice and invented green Chakas. They appeared on sale on July 1. Alas, so far, they are only available in South Korea.

It also became known that when Kellogg's announced the search for 50 volunteers to test a new strange taste, as many as 14,221 people expressed a desire to try them. And here is the video itself:

A video with laughing foxes gained 6 million views in less than a day

You may think, “Who can be surprised by a fox?” Yeah? And what about a laughing fox? Or even two of them? A video with two laughing foxes has increased the hitherto small army of fans of foxes by 6 million – that’s how many views it gained in less than a day. Press play and make the sound louder.

The fight of two hares in the middle of the street made them famous all over the Internet

Despite their natural charm, hares fight for their females very brutally.
This Facebook video gained about 5.5 million views. No extraneous noise and witnesses can distract them from what they are doing! It would not hurt us to learn dedication, concentration, and determination from them.