June series you might have missed:

1. Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads

This is a new version of the iconic show: most of the old monologues were re-filmed with a new generation of our favorite British actors, plus there are two new ones by good ol’ Bennett. The monologues are about loneliness, self-isolation, and the fear of death. The most suitable thing to watch during quarantine, huh?

Serioholic’s note: The original Talking Heads were released on BBCs in 1988 and 1998. This is a series of monologues written by the iconic British playwright Alan Bennett. This is a very British thing, and some of the monologues were even included in the school curriculum.

2. Adventure Time: Distant Lands

The series ended two years ago, but to sweeten the pot, four hour-long specials about BMO's journey to the Galaxy's edge were released. This is the first of four.

3. Search Party

This is the third season of HBO's black satirical comedy about a group of silly young New Yorkers who become involved in a murder story and become stars.

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4. The Twilight Zone

A remake of the classic American TV horror.

5. Dark

This one is a sci-fi horror game about time travel. The action takes place in a town near a nuclear power plant, and there’s a reason for that. In the new season, literally the whole world is at stake in the story.

July series you might have missed:

6. Stateless

This mini-series is inspired by the story of Cornelia Rau. The investigation of her case prompted the reform of the Australian police force. Cornelia is a German woman with an Australian residence permit who suffers from schizoaffective disorder (she sometimes introduced herself by different names or began to speak only German). She was illegally held in a detention center for illegal immigrants for almost a year.

7. Close Enough

This series was supposed to be released back in 2017, but something went wrong. It tells about a family of Los Angeles millennials.

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8. P-Valley

This series is based on the play by the woman playwright Katori Hall about a strip club in Mississippi with an appropriate southern flavor.

9. Brave New World

It’s a project of the new NBC Peacock's streaming service. This is a film adaptation of Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel about life in a society where the most privileged people do not particularly need to work. With the current round of capitalism, the topic has become relevant again.

10. Room 104

This show is unfairly underestimated, and this urgently needs to be fixed. In the new fourth season, the creators play with different genres on the well-researched topic of urban neuroses.

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11. The Umbrella Academy

Gerard Way is probably the most famous comic book writer on the planet. The second season of the series, based on his comics, has already won the hearts of a multi-million army of fans.

Series we expect to see in August:

12. The Good Lord Bird

A satirical novel about completely unhappy events: John Brown was an abolitionist, firmly convinced that the end to slavery can only be put through decisive military action. His unsuccessful raid on Harpers Ferry turned into a death sentence to the instigator, but the event itself spurred the start of the Civil War.

13. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The first of the series about the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Falcon, promoted to Captain America, and the Winter Soldier unravel the aftermath of the mayhem in the latest Avengers movie.