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Bloomberg Shut down Its Channel on WhatsApp

Bloomberg is finally available on Telegram! It’s now much easier to subscribe to their channel.

Apple Card Bank Is Blamed for Gender Discrimination

Apple card users and responsible husbands noticed that their wives get a lower credit line. Why is so?

The New iOS Update Will Allow Siri to Automatically Use Other Messengers Other Than iMessage

The new iOS update will make Siri able to default other messengers besides iMessage. The voice assistant will choose the appropriate app based on your previous interactions with contacts.

Labor Law Violation: Whom Apple and Foxconn Hires?

Human rights defenders found violations of labor law at the Foxconn factory, the contractor of Apple Inc.

Samsung Plans to Offer Another Foldable Smartphone

The flexible display of the future device will fold the screen inside into a "pocket-placed square". Thinner and cheaper than the Galaxy Fold is expected to arrive next year.

Trump and Cook Friday Meeting: Trade War, Tariffs, and Samsung

“It’s tough for Apple to pay tariffs if it’s competing with a very good company that’s not,” noted Trump. What does it mean? Did Donald Trump refuse to cancel tariff for Apple?

The Journalists Complained About the Breakdown of the Flexible Samsung Galaxy Fold Test Samples

The screen of Galaxy Fold went wrong from the protective film. The release was postponed. Catch the results of the test drive.

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