Samsung officially disclosed the Galaxy Fold smartphone, which has a folding screen, and later on, the company showed how specialized robots tested flexible smartphones for durability. Before the grand launch of Galaxy Fold, and in anticipation of this event, Samsung sent test samples of the gadget to several journalists from different countries.

The first reviews were generally positive, but after a while journalists reported that their Galaxy Fold devices went out of order: each broken smartphone had problems with the screen. Columnists of The Verge, CNBC, Bloomberg, and blogger Marquez Brownley stated on the malfunctions. They all used the device for about two days and noticed problems with the functioning of a flexible display.

Dieter Bona, the editor of The Verge, said that he noticed the artifacts after the bulge appeared on the screen. These drawbacks came out precisely on the place of a bend. He suggested that some small trash could get under the screen and cause those errors. Yet, not all journalists were so lucky as other models of Galaxy Fold worked with only a half of a particular part of the main screen.

Márquez Brownley clarified that something went wrong with the screen of his Galaxy Fold straight after he removed the protective film from the display. As it turned out, it must never be done, but all journalists took it off, having no idea that it can harm their devices.

Samsung team never said the real reason for problems with Galaxy Fold smartphones and whether the removing of the film causes the malfunctions with the device screen. Samsung also confirmed that the film must never be replaced and promised that on smartphones Galaxy Fold, which go on sale, will be written and warned about it. The technical specialists of the company will study all the broken smartphones from the test-drive as well. Anyway, Samsung is not going to postpone the Galaxy Fold launch date.