The newest iOS 13.1 and iPadOS had been functioning for a couple of days, though already has a bug which can endanger personal data. Apple officially announced this news, convincing they are working to patch the bug.

The company specified in the support message that the third-party keyboards can get the full access and share personal data in the web without user’s confirmation, meaning all you type can get out in the open.

Surely, in 13.1 version the software engineers fixed old vulnerabilities, but this mistake will be deleted only when the 13.2 rolls out. And the 13.2 update package is already in the beta testing.

In case you’ve installed keyboards like Google Gboard, Grammarly or SwiftKey of Microsoft your records may be available for them. These programs ask providing full access, but if you’re not sure whether they are safe enough, don’t install them at all.

Apple, in its turn, switches the default iOS keyboard for inserting the passwords, even if there is an alternative tool.
Not all users can notice that they’ve got the third-party keyboard integrated. Thus Apple presented the QuickPath feature to check settings on iPhone or iPad.
Here is the way: Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Edit.