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Deepfake videos or audios are computer-generated ones that have been modified by using artificial intelligence or “deep learning” (a part of machine learning methods) techniques and designed to look real. To create a fake, one applies neural set simulation to massive data sets. Recently, deepfake content has been massively used in fake news, hoaxes, financial fraud, and celebrity porn videos.

Handy Tips: How to Make Your Own Deepfake Video

In this article, we have gathered three of the most convenient apps for creating deepfakes. Download them and get started immediately. And try not to start World War III along the way.

Italian Authorities Launched an Investigation Into Telegram Deepfake Bots

The Italian Data Protection Authority has launched an investigation into Telegram due to the widespread use of bots that generates fake nude images. Only until July 2020, more than 100,000 deepfakes were discovered.

Weekly Fun: An App That Creates Deepfakes, a Pastor Yelling at Coronavirus, and Freeriding Without Leaving the Room

This week’s stories feature an answer to humanity’s most difficult question, an Arizona band with five Neds Flanders, and a woman who accidentally turned into a potato at a Zoom meeting.

Facebook Will Pay Reuters to Fact-Check Deepfakes

Thomson Reuters and Facebook will finance the new direction — the Fact-Checking Network. The new department will electively analyze publications based on the general principles of modern journalism.

Twitter Will Start Removing and Labeling Synthetic and Manipulated Media That Pose Safety Risks

The new policy comes after Twitter announced a plan to ask its users about how they think the platform should address misleading media.

Alphabet-Owned Jigsaw Introduced a New Tool Aimed at Detecting Manipulated Pictures

The new tool is intended to help journalists and fact-checking organizations in detecting manipulated and doctored pictures. It may well come in handy during the pre-election period.

Reddit Policy Update: No Impersonation Is Now Allowed

Although impersonation reports only make up 2.3% of all reports, the platform is already taking action to try and prevent such content from spreading.

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