NVIDIA introduced a new feature that uses AI to make it look like the subject within the camera's frame is looking directly at it.

The company has added the new Eye Contact feature to its NVIDIA Broadcast 1.4 app. It uses artificial intelligence to simulate eye contact with the camera even if the user is looking in another direction.

NVIDIA says that Eye Contact tries to make the color of the simulated eyes match the color of real eyes, and “there's even a disconnect feature in case you look too far away.”

The feature is currently in beta, with developers gathering feedback from community members to improve it. Users are encouraged to share clips of any problems they encounter while using the new feature to help improve it.

The feature does not work perfectly, though, as it may have some bumps and glitches. For example, the user's artificial gaze doesn't always look natural. Also, the built-in animation of synthetic eyes can cause them to move chaotically.

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At the moment, the feature is available for free to all NVIDIA and GeForce RTX GPU owners.