Reuters is a global news agency that was founded over 167 years ago. Reuters News is part of Thomson Reuters, a corporation listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. Now the Reuters editorial department has formed a new division of Reuters Fact Check, which will establish the accuracy of photos, videos, and text publications on social networks, as well as other content in English and Spanish.

Thomson Reuters, as well as Facebook, will finance the new direction, which will selectively analyze publications based on the general principles of modern journalism: honesty, independence, and impartiality. You can follow the results of the work of the new Reuters division in the corresponding blog.

Mark Zuckerberg will conduct the activities of the new department in exchange for authenticating the content on its social network. Analyzed inaccurate content on Facebook will receive appropriate markings and fall in the news feed.

On February 7, Reuters received appropriate certification from the International Fact-Checking Network to work towards validating publications on social networks. Thus, the agency joined the American partners in fact-checking, including the Associated Press, PolitiFact,

Now only four people are working in the new department, two of whom will be checking content in Washington, and two more in Mexico City. Hazel Baker acts as the head of user news, who said that the staff would increase in the future because of the agency’s collaboration with Facebook during the 2020 presidential election.