Disposable Email Address

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A disposable email address is a throw-away address that expires after a certain period of time and helps prevent an overload of unwanted junk emails from cluttering your inbox. Such accounts can be deleted manually or expire after a short amount of time.

Quiz: What Is Temp Mail?

In real life, in order not to be considered homeless, you need a residence permit, and on the Internet, you need an email address, or maybe a temporary one. And you’d better know something about it to use it safely, quickly, and anonymously. Do you know enough about temp mail? Find out in our quiz!

How to Stay Anonymous Online: A Guide to Creating a Perfect Fake Identity

Everyone has their own reasons not to “show their faces” on the Internet. In this article, we will tell you how to generate a fake name, how to create fake temporary mail, and how to create a fake avatar.

Overview of Temporary Email Services: Say “Hasta La Vista, Baby” to Spam

In this article, we will compare the most popular temporary mail services that will let you avoid inbox spam and annoying email newsletters.

What Is Temporary Mail? A Manual For Dummies

Each of us is good at a particular field, but sometimes we feel like dummies when we don't know some simple stuff that seems obvious to other people. Do you want to know what a temporary email address is? Read our article!

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