Try to imagine the following situation: you decided to create an account on a website for adults to add videos to your favorites list or to download your favorite movie. For some reason, though, you don’t want to indicate your corporate email address when registering, but you don’t want to use your personal email either so as not to become a victim of a scam. We wrote about such incidents earlier in an article dedicated to a pornography email scam.

Or you can also imagine an ordinary situation in which you register for a loyalty card in a store, and you need to specify your email to be able to earn rewards and get the card. On the one hand, you want to get a discount, but on the other hand, you want to stop that email littering. This is where temporary mail comes to the rescue. A disposable email address is needed to let you receive that confirmation letter and forget about this mail and the boring newsletter once and for all. After all, we all know that as soon as marketing companies get your email address, they begin to flood you with unnecessary letters.

In general, using disposable mail is a perfect way to protect your primary mailbox from worthless junk both on the Internet, and when filling out paper forms in stores. Therefore, make a habit of using temporary or disposable mail every time you can. Moreover, it is extremely simple, convenient, and sometimes even faster than checking your real mail.

What do I do with this temp mail next?

Just enter it where needed. After you receive a confirmation letter, you can either forward it to your primary mail or simply close the window and forget about it forever. If someone sends ads to the temporary address, nobody will read it for sure, because even robots are not interested in it.

Where can I indicate my temporary email address?

You can use it when registering on forums or dubious websites, when making one-time orders at online stores, when filling out forms to get a discount card if you definitely need to use mail. Generally, you can use it everywhere, where you simply do not want to indicate your personal email address.

What is the benefit of those who have sites with temporary mail? Do they read my letters?

We doubt they have time for this. It works like a trap for ads. Owners study spam letters and analyze what kind of messages is not popular so as not to send them to “normal mailboxes” later. The logic behind this is quite simple: if no one has checked the temporary mail for a long time, and letters still continue to come, then with a high probability it means that they’re annoying ads. If the same letters come to several disposable email addresses that no one uses at once, it means they don’t belong in regular mailboxes as well.

Do I remain anonymous when using temporary mail?

Of course, you do! You will remain 100% anonymous wherever you indicate your temporary email address. However, it’s not the same with the disposable mail service because it will know your IP address and the city you entered the network from. To hide this information, use a proxy server.