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The Outcome of the Zoom Meeting with Dr. Zelenko

On April 24, the CrowdProtocol team took part in a Zoom video conference call with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, where he shared his thoughts about the way patients infected with COVID-19 should be treated and about the launch of a global platform for the doctors and health care providers.

A French Company Intends to Donate 100 Million Doses of Hydroxychloroquine Around the World

A French pharmaceutical company Sanofi decided to donate 100 million doses of hydroxychloroquine across 50 countries. Hydroxychloroquine is considered to be a potential weapon against the COVID-19.

Ukraine International Airlines Plane Crashes in Iran: Technical Malfunction or Iran Tricks?

On board of the wrecked Boeing 737 there were 167 passengers and nine crew members, while most victims were students.

Finding Christmas Spirit in Three Most Magical Cities in Europe

Three destinations where you can truly feel the Christmas spirit. Feel yourself like a part of a fairytale and plan a trip before it’s too late! Don’t spend your Christmas in front of the TV with a pizza.

Facebook Software Breakdown Impeded the Ordinary Work of the Service

The social media Facebook undergoes some system problems which have already triggered the prompt reaction of users globally.

Artificial Skin Can Cover the Interface of Your Devices. Skin-On Systems Feel Very Realistic

It’s not the genuine leather; it’s entirely duplicating human skin. Honestly, it looks pretty creepy, as well as touching it or holding it in your hands. Soft, smooth but cold.

A Mind-Reading Exoskeleton Helps a Paralyzed Man to Move

A 30-year old paralyzed man was able to make his first steps after a long time thanks to a “mind-reading” exoskeleton. Walking in it is not perfect and easy, but such technologies can make a difference in the life of patients with similar disabilities in the future.

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