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FTC or Federal Trade Commission is a US federal independent agency established in 1914 with the purpose of monitoring and preventing dishonest or unfair business practices through law enforcement, advocacy and education. FTC’s key strategic goals are: protecting consumers from deceptive practices in the marketplace; maintaining competition to promote a marketplace free from anticompetitive practices and outcomes; advancing the FTC’s performance through excellence in managing resources etc.

Apple Will Take Part in the CES Trade Show for the First Time in 27 Years

Apple is in the ranks again. For the first time in 27 years, the Cupertino company will participate in the CES electronics exhibition.

Tinder Uses Fake Accounts to Stimulate Paid Subscription

Are you sure you're texting with a real person on the dating website? Federal Trade Commission brings a charge against Match Group.

Congress of the USA Requires to Present Correspondence of the Big Tech Senior Staff

The Big Tech Antitrust Investigation goes on. Congress insists on open competition and transparent business dealing.

American Attorneys United to Run Investigation Against Google’s Monopoly

The big-time Investigation against Google's exclusive control. Privacy breaks and personal data manipulations.

Google Have to Pay About $200 Million for Collecting Data of Young Users

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Google have reached an agreement to settle a dispute over alleged privacy violations of underage users of YouTube video hosting.

Facebook Messenger Kids is Blamed for Privacy Standards Noncompliance

Facebook didn't make an admission they violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Senators insisted on confirmation documents to prove Messenger Kids is the safe place for children' communication.

American Senator Called FaceApp a Treat to the National Security

FaceApp is a threat to the national security of the United States of America. Senator Schumer demand FBI to initiate the investigation.

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