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Italian Authorities Launched an Investigation Into Telegram Deepfake Bots

The Italian Data Protection Authority has launched an investigation into Telegram due to the widespread use of bots that generates fake nude images. Only until July 2020, more than 100,000 deepfakes were discovered.

Around the World on a Couch: 9 Travel Web Tours to See the World

Most countries’ borders are still closed, which means that we can’t enjoy the sunlit beaches and landmarks of European countries. But don’t lose your heart! You can take a virtual tour around the world while social distancing.

Coronavirus Unmasked: How It Works

An Independent Italian newspaper Il Tempo talks about a serious study by pharmacologist Annalisa Chiusolo, which explains the mechanisms of coronavirus. It's "simple": the virus impairs the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen.

News Digest: Top 12 Pieces of News of the Week

Sometimes, you find it challenging to keep up with things that are happening around us, especially now when we are all stuck at home self-isolating. That is why we’ve prepared the top twelve pieces of news of the week to keep you posted.

Coronavirus in Italy: Lamborghini Launched Its Production of Surgical Masks and Protective Medical Shields

The company joined the fight against the spread of coronavirus. Now, Lamborghini is producing surgical masks and protective medical shields for the Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Hospital in Bologna.

China: A Country with an Aging Population or Why the Novel Coronavirus Strikes Older People

It is projected that by 2053, China will become the oldest country in terms of population. This problem can be solved, but the most drastic measure is infecting people with the novel coronavirus. We’ve prepared some facts, and it’s up to you whether to believe them or not.

Top 5 Tips for a Luxury Bodrum Vacay

These days Bodrum is gaining in popularity. It's more of a European resort that is abundant in picturesque sites. It’s a Greek-style port city with whitewashed houses and deep-water marinas. All this, together with an active nightlife, attracts loads of tourists and city visitors.

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