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Mitsubishi Created Fake Skylight Video Displays for Stressed Office Workers in Japan

The Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric designed artificial windows called Misola for employees who often need to work overtime.

The Vision-S: Sony Unveils an Electric Car Concept at CES 2020

There’s still no information on whether Sony plans to take the product to market or not. The Vision-S concept might only be a model for showing mobility developments.

How Would Death Stranding and Untitled Goose Game Look like on PS1?

Wanna experience a bit of nostalgia? Go back in 1995 and see how Death Stranding and Untitled Goose games would have looked like on PS1.

Sony Sets an AI Unit and Works on AI-Based Projects

Sony will focus on artificial intelligence, believing that the future belongs to it.

Xiaomi Said that Toilet Bowl Can Be Smart and Introduced One

Xiaomi created another smart gadget for your house. Meet the smart toilet bowl. Check out what it can do!

Starbucks Created a Pen for Contactless Payments for Japan Customers

Japanese Starbucks coffee-lovers will get a 2-in-1 device: a stylish, functional pen and a quick way to make payments in the best-loved coffee store.

Grand Opening of the Largest Apple Store in Japan

Now the largest Japan Apple Store is in Tokyo. Apple will open it this Saturday, September 7.