Japanese bakery Kimuraya, in collaboration with NEC Corp, has introduced a unique line of bread known as "Ren AI Pan" or "AI Romance Bread," aiming to capture the essence of various romantic feelings through flavor.

This innovative project uses artificial intelligence to analyze conversations from a reality dating show and lyrics from love-themed songs to identify five key aspects of romance: first encounter, first date, jealousy, heartbreak, and mutual love.

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Through this analysis, the bakery crafted five distinct flavors representing these emotions. For instance, "Fateful Encounter" bread offers a sweet cotton candy aroma, while "Jealousy" features a blend of purple sweet potatoes, truffle oil, and raisins. Other flavors include "First Date" with hints of lime and orange peel, "Mutual Love" combining honey, peach, and dragonfruit, and "Tears of Heartbreak" reminiscent of apple cider and grapes.

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The initiative aims to appeal to younger generations in Japan, many of whom express disinterest in romantic relationships. By infusing bread with the flavors of love, Kimuraya hopes to evoke feelings of romance among consumers, inspiring them to explore love in their personal lives.

NEC's AI technologies, including Enhanced Speech Analysis and Data Enrichment, played a crucial role in analyzing conversational and lyrical data to identify emotional trends associated with romance and food.