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Weekly Fun: Cannabis Raining Down From the Sky, a Lonely Penguin, and the Best Gift for a Child

This week’s stories feature cannabis that rains down from the sky in Israel, a hooligan goat that ate documents in a police car, a man who used to give his son whiskey as a present, and a parrot that sing covers of Beyoncé's songs.

NASA Will Release a Fragrance With the Smell of Space

Soon, the perfume with the smell of space will be available for everyone. Thanks to NASA and Steve Pearce, chemist and the founder of Omega Ingredients, the scent of space will be sold at an affordable price.

The Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane Raised More Than a Million Dollars on Kickstarter

Toy paper airplane startup from Israeli inventor Goitein hit the mark and overstepped the amount he needs to launch the project. Simple and well-loved idea can be a bestseller.

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